Zadorozhnaya Introduces New Song!

04 Mar 2014 Back to news

wIMG_8034On March 3, the “Rossiya” TV channel began showing the serial version of the comedy “Love in the Big City”. The director of the film, Marius Weisberg, while working on the third part of the feature film, filmed the TV series with the same main characters.

We’d like to remind you that the film collected almost 16 million dollars at the Russian box office. In the eight-episode television movie, the audience sees new plot twists and jokes that were not included in the main film. The soundtrack for “Love in the Big City” is a new song by Nastya Zadorozhnaya, which had not  been previously released. Nastya recorded “Once I Love”, shortly after the filming had finished. She showed it to Marius and the director liked it. The track was written by young Ukrainian composers Eugene Bardachenko and Andrei Belyaev.

-When I heard this song, I immediately fell in love with it. The song seemed easy, mischievous and really vibrant, Nastya admitted. – I believe this song will succeed, which is why I’ll make a video clip for it very soon.

The script writers of the film from the studio “Quarter-95” will assist with creating the script for the video clip, too. Nastya hopes to persuade Marius to act as the director of the clip.


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