Zadorozhnaya broke the rules of «ShowMustGoOn”

05 Dec 2012 Back to news

Лолита1Sooner or later all good things come to an end. The large-scale music project that gathered millions of viewers in front of TV screens is about to end. During Nastya’s participation in the show, she proved how different she could be and demonstrated her potential to turn into the most complicated characters, displaying both her acting and singing skills. Besides all the songs were performed live. The final experiment was to try the image of a famous russian singer Lolita.

“I’m glad it was Lolita who I had to perform in the final episode of the show. She is an outstanding artist and a woman with temper. She adores surprising and shocking the audience. Those are the reasons why I could distinguish her most characteristic traits and make a really interesting and funny parody. Lolita has always treated me well, with a dash of mothering, that’s why, in spite of the strict show rules I couldn’t help sending her some photos of me in disguise. She laughed her head off” – says Nastya.

Find out more about Nastya Zadorozhnaya as Lolita here.


28 Nov 2012
It was not Nastya’s first experience of turning into a man during “ShowMustGoOn”. This time she was Nikolay Baskov, the idol for millions of women all over the country.

29 Dec 2012
“Nastya Zadorozhanaya and Aleksandr Krivoshapko have a love affair!” Those were the rumors during the shooting period of Ukrainian TV project “ShowMustGoOn”.
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