The New “Cabaret” Star

24 Nov 2012 Back to news

Ла3Last weekend the shooting set of “ShowMustGoOn” turned into some 1930s’ Cabaret. Nastya performed as Liza Minnelli, the legend of American cinema of the previous century. It was the times of flamboyant dances and eccentric costumes.

The film “Cabaret” brought Liza her first Oscar for the Best Actress in a Leading Role while Nastya got the affection of the audience and jury’s approval for recreating Minnelli’s chair dance to “Mein Herr” song.

 “I was lucky to perform as Liza. First and foremost, she is an actress who sets good example of the real great artist should act. It was hard to work on choreography because I didn’t have enough physical skills to dance with such a partner (chair). I’m glad I’ve been into some training and despite my bruises and backache, I’ve learnt this uneasy dance, which, by the way, is now one of my favorite ones. This remarkable and outstanding performance is exactly what I’ve been dreaming to create!” , – says Nastya.

Nastya performing as Liza Minnelli can be watched here.


15 Nov 2012
Despite fact that the singer Natasha Koroleva is a Meritorious Artist of Russia, we shouldn’t forget about her Ukrainian roots. Nastya Zadorozhnaya tried to display all the charm of this Ukrainian nymph on “ShowMustGoOn” project.

28 Nov 2012
It was not Nastya’s first experience of turning into a man during “ShowMustGoOn”. This time she was Nikolay Baskov, the idol for millions of women all over the country.
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