«Zhenschiny na Grani» («Women on the Edge»)

Role: Viktoriya Kushelevskaya
Stori Film
Marat Kim

«Women on the Verge» is a russian adaptation of Argentinian “Mujeres Asesinas” (“Killer Women”) TV series detective drama that are renowned as one of the most successful projects of Latin American television. In Russia the series were directed Marat Kim.

Each episode is a benefit performance of various Russian movie stars. Elena Korikova, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Elena Yakovleva, Galina Polskikh and other famous actresses, along with Nastya, will play many different women who commit murders in each of these episodes. Unexpected and shocking moments will not leave any spectator in a dull moment. Not only will this thriller keep viewers on the edge of their seats, the episodes are based on true stories. Psycologist Igor Zvantsov (played by Aleksandr Bukharov) will investigate each crime by analyzing the criminals’ behaviors based on women psychology tactics.

Nastya plays Viktoriya Kushelevskaya, a former world-champion figure skater. During her rehearsals for a TV show, she suddenly learns that her husband, who is her manager at the same time, was killed. The spectator will investigate the mysterious murder with the drama’s protagonists.

The premiere of the series «Zhenschiny na Grani» occurred on September 16th, 2013 on Russia TV Channel.

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