Zhestokiy Urok («A Cruel Lesson»)


Zhestokiy Urok («A Cruel Lesson»)
Contemporary Theatre of Enterprise

Role: Kira
Mikhail Gorevoy

At 1st sight the plot of the play is extremely simple. There are 2 male and 2 female characters and a scientific experiment. But only in the end of a play it becomes clear that the audience, as well as some of the characters have been fooled for the whole hour. Everything turns out to be different from what it seemed to be at the beginning.
Trying to unravel a psychological mystery, the spectator reveals the most profound corners of a human’s soul involuntary involving himself into the performance and becoming actors’ accomplice…
By the end of the play the tension reaches its limit but an unexpected climax makes the actors and the audience give vent to their feelings. Now they see everything in different eyes.
Oleg Fomin, Aristarkh Venes, Linda Nigmatulina and Olga Arntgolts were Nastya’s co-actors in this play.

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